This website is crap because it is not a sandwich
crap reason    good reason    not sure
People also think This website is crap because it:
has crap questions [crap good]
is not bacon [crap good]
IS WHITE [crap good]
doesn't have 1990s snow-effects [crap good]
has only very little information [crap good]
doesn't let you give reasons of less than six letters [crap good]
does not contain enough JESUS MEAT! [crap good]
has no boobies on it. [crap good]
Doesn't have naked chics [crap good]
is kind of boring [crap good]
has no flashing animated .gif's [crap good]
FUCKING SUCKS [crap good]
Because it is crap [crap good]
doesn't have a cool flash intro. [crap good]
uses ugly urls. [crap good]
looks like shit [crap good]
Isn't [crap good]
isn't vulnerable to sql injection... or is it? [crap good]
Suck's slimey monkey nuts. I wanted to write suck, but it would'nt let me. So there! [crap good]
fucking sucks. [crap good]
is gay [crap good]
will be filled with spam in no time [crap good]
sucks donkey dick [crap good]